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Executive Editor

William Noel


Mitch Fraas

Nicholas Herman

Lynn Ransom

Reviews Editor

Amey Hutchins

Managing Editor

Jon Shaw

Editorial Assistant

Beth Seltzer

Publishers please send copies for review to:

Amey Hutchins
Book Review Editor
Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies
University of Pennsylvania Libraries
3420 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104


Editorial Offices:

The Schoenberg Institute
The University of Pennsylvania Libraries
3420 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104


Editorial Board


Debra Cashion
Center for Digital Humanities, St. Louis University
Paul M. Cobb
University of Pennsylvania
Eric Johnson
Ohio State University
Peter Kidd
Independent Scholar
Eric Knibbs
Williams College
James Marrow
Princeton University
Justin McDaniel
University of Pennsylvania
David McKnight
University of Pennsylvania Libraries
Dorothy Porter
Schoenberg Institute of Manuscript Studies, University of Pennsylvania Libraries
Kathryn Smith
New York University
Hanno Wijsman
French National Centre for Scientific Research, Institut de recherche et d'histoire des textes
Emily Steiner
University of Pennsylvania
Susan Whitfield
International Dunhuang Project, British Library