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Volume 3 (2018)
Semiannual (Spring, Fall)
ISSN: 2381-5329
E-ISSN: 2380-1190

Manuscript Studies

A Journal of the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies

The new Spring 2017 special issue constitutes the first major scholarly resource for the field of Thai and Siamese manuscripts studies. It examines collections and the history of collectors of these manuscripts, including rare and historically important ones, in Thailand and in major archives and museums around the world. Tracing the history of these collections and collectors provides new perspectives on the history of orientalism and on economic, religious, and diplomatic history.

The Thai and Siamese manuscripts examined in this issue encompass a wide array of subjects, materials, and languages. Most were produced between the late fifteenth and early twentieth centuries on palm-leaf, asper bark paper, mulberry leaf paper, cotton, and silk, and employed rare pigments such as Prussian blue and gamboge. On them were written the earliest legal codes in Southeast Asia, chronicles of the lives of famous royal and religious figures, cosmological maps, stories of the previous lives of the Buddha, funerary sermons, accounts of great battles and royal coronations, and ethical codes. There are also illustrated manuals on how to care for elephants, cats, and horses. Entertainment and ethical stories based on quotidian themes—family drama, romance, travel—were also popular subjects in these manuscripts.

Overall, this issue of Manuscript Studies provides both a broad and intimate introduction for students of Southeast Asian Studies, Buddhist Studies, and Comparative Manuscript Studies.


Manuscript Studies is a new journal that embraces the full complexity of global manuscript studies in the digital age. It has been conceived with four main goals in mind. First, to bridge the gaps between material and digital manuscript research; second, to break down the walls which often separate print and digital publication and serve as barriers between academics, professionals in the cultural heritage field, and citizen scholars; third, to serve as a forum for scholarship encompassing many pre-modern manuscripts cultures—not just those of Europe; and finally to showcase methods and techniques of analysis in manuscript studies that can be applied across different subject areas. 

Manuscript Studies is now accepting submissions for Fall 2018 and beyond. We accept submissions on a rolling basis. See Author Guidelines for more information or email the editors at sims-mss@pobox.upenn.edu. All manuscripts should be submitted via the ScholarOne Manuscripts online submission system.


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